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Adriana Anderson

Adriana Anderson

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49 customer reviews for Adriana

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Provided helpful information
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Clear and concise answers
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Courteous and respectful

Very detailed and willingness to want to help me to understand the plans Clifford T, Columbus, GA Read more customer reviews Read more reviews

More about Adriana

I was born and raised here in Massachusetts and wouldn’t live in any other place in the world…except maybe Hawaii, San Diego, or Miami (okay, I guess I take that back!). I am very family oriented and absolutely love spending time with family. My hobbies include painting, drawing, reading, and eating (if that counts). I enjoy camping; anything water related; being at the ocean in the summer, fall, spring, or winter; traveling; experiencing different cultures; and weekend getaways.

Three words that describe me:

Sensitive, patient, and fashionable.

Favorite thing to do when not at work:

Be at the ocean.

Favorite place to visit and why:

Ireland and Prince Edward Island, Canada. You can never pick just one place! 🙂 I have been to Ireland once for a wedding and we turned it into a 10-day vacation. The scenic country places we visited were out of this world. We didn’t need to plan much on this vacation in order to fully enjoy what Ireland has to offer. It provided the simple pleasures: nature.

As for Prince Edward Island–like most islands, it is beautiful. The people are happy, friendly, and this place gave me a lot of good memories.

What I like most about helping people find the right Medicare plan options:

The process of finding a Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, or a prescription drug plan can be very overwhelming. I enjoy assisting Medicare beneficiaries through the process of finding the right Medicare plan option for them.

Other Favorites:

Musician: Ray LaMontagne and David Gray

Movies: The Notebook, Fight Club, Shutter Island, and American Beauty.

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Medicare articles by Adriana

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Does Medicare Cover Atrovent?

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Medicare in Maine

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Medicare in Iowa

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Medicare Reimbursement

Except in rare cases, you don’t need to file for reimbursement from Medicare. Under Original Medicare (Part A and Part B), your Medicare claims will be sent directly from your Medicare providers to Medicare. Medicare pays your Medicare providers according... Read more

Medicare Supplement Insurance and Prescription Drug Coverage

There are currently two ways to get prescription drug coverage through Medicare. The first is through a stand-alone Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan. The second option is to choose a Medicare Advantage plan (Part C) that provides prescription drug... Read more

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Medicare Coverage Basics Medicare Part A - Hospital Insurance Medicare Part B - Medical Insurance Medicare Part C - Medicare Advantage Medicare Part D - Prescription Drug Coverage What is Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage? As a... Read more

Customer reviews of Adriana

She was very helpful, but sometimes spoke too fast.
Anonymous, Prescott, AZ

The service was excellent. I have no further comments until I start in eHealth 1 September 2014.
Anonymous, Montpelier, VT

Very easy to talk with. Agreed to call me back at a more convenient time. Adriana helped my husband a few months ago when he enrolled, so that is why we asked her to call me when I needed to enroll for the first time.
Anonymous, Port Charlotte, FL

Adrianna was awesome--professional, knowledgeable and clear. All my questions were clearly and concisely answered.
Anonymous, Springfield, MO

The info I received was excellent and the representative was extremely helpful and I would recommend her to anyone. Excellent job and very courteous
Anonymous, Bloomingdale, GA

I really appreciated Adriana for her knowledge and patience while enrolling me. I asked a lot of questions.
Anonymous, Moore, SC

The Representative was so helpful. she answered every question I asked. If all your Representatives are as good as this one I spoke with you are an amazing company. I was just so impressed with her knowledge of the different plans and she was extremely courteous.
Regina A, Pearl, MS

I just needed an in-person help because the system is so difficult to comprehend. The representative was extremely helpful. I was confused but it was not her fault.
Female, 41, Seattle, WA

Adriana was great!
Male, 64, Pembroke Pines, FL

She gets a gold star!
Female, 82, South Hutchinson, KS

She addressed my specific questions, even taking the time to ensure my Specialists accept my new Plan
Barbara B, Littleton, CO

As a retired CSR Trainer, I can say that Adriana provided me with customer service that eHealth Medicare can be proud to acknowledge. Excellent skills, knowledge, and demeanor.
Robert F, Forestport, NY

I was doing this for my wife, as the present provider was dropping all her physicians from network. She enrolled by phone. I don't any issue with my present provider, but may change, calling ehealth
Elizabeth P, Omaha, NE

Adriana Anderson was very knowledgably and a pleasure to work with.
Marie D, Opelika, AL

Helpful, calm, pleasant, knowledgeable.
Anonymous, Menifee, CA

Extremely helpful
Mary G, Orlando, FL

The Representative was so informative, listened and answered all my questions professionally and correctly. I was very impressed with her and would rate her as A++++
Martha B, Mansfield, MA

She was so helpful. Great knowledge of the plan. She was able to explain everything to me so I understood. She is a great representative.
Judy B, Peculiar, MO

Adriana is wonderful! Having been in the customer service industry myself I really appreciate her patience and knowledge, she never made me feel like I was taking up too much of her time only that she was here for me regardless of how long it took.
Paula H, North Las Vegas, NV

Agent was excellent
Anonymous, Coopersburg, PA

One I talked to very nice friendly helpful. I talked to her last year. Was very glad when she called this year..
Jane W, Vincennes, IN

Adriana was excellent. She took her time to match me up with the best plans for. She patiently covered info more than once when I wasn't clear on something.
Anonymous, Portsmouth, VA

She was very kind and patient
Anonymous, Osceola, IN

Adrianna has helped my family twice and was knowledgeable (very important), courteous and helpful each time.
Anonymous, Wake Forest, NC

Adrianna was very helpful and patient
Anonymous, Rapid City, SD

We seem to be having e-mail difficulties - I am waiting for another one from the rep.....has not arrived yet.
Anonymous, Harrison, TN

very easy to work with and very pleasant.
Anonymous, Kingman, AZ

She was excellent!!
Anonymous, Fresno, CA

Adriana was very helpful above and beyond her job with assisting me, she was great, thanks
Anonymous, Clearwater, FL

Adrianna was very helpful in explaining all plans to me for me to decide which plan would benefit me.
Anonymous, Tupelo, MS

Adriana was the most helpful rep I have ever had the occasion to use.
Anonymous, Export, PA

Some things about medicare and insurance in general are confusing to me and your rep Adriana Anderson clearly and patiently answered my questions. I feel I made the right selection for a plan to fit my personal needs.
Anonymous, Henderson, NV

Excellent and friendly
Anonymous, Houston, TX

It is frustrating that I wasn't told until the end of the call that I would need to pay today. I have no money today and I have no credit card. I'm on unemployment. No money coming in until next week. It was frustrating and disappointing that my application could not be processed today.
Anonymous, Lakewood, WA

Over the past week I have made many calls to Adriana Anderson. She has been helpful and supportive, always patient, and such a blessing to me.
Anonymous, Lakewood, WA

Adriana was very knowledgeable and clear with information.
Anonymous, Harleysville, PA

Great service/most helpful in selecting the right plan for me.
Anonymous, West Lebanon, NH

Adriana was excellent!
Anonymous, San Francisco, CA

She was very patient with me and helped me in choosing my new policy
Anonymous, Haslett, MI

Adriana went above & beyond. I was finding the medicare web sit very confusing & she explained my options of supplement! Thank you!
Anonymous, Chicago, IL

Very pleased with the time spent explaining to me and also her patience.
Anonymous, Hemet, CA

I was very satisfied with the service Adriana provided.
Anonymous, Seminole, FL

It was a pleasure speaking with Arianna
Anonymous, Chicago, IL

Great service
Anonymous, Dunedin, FL

Adriana, was very patient,and helpful. thank you.
Anonymous, Blairsville, GA

My experience was very good and I will recommend this service to friends.
Anonymous, Moscow, PA

Very helpful rep. Enjoyable experience.
Anonymous, Westlake, LA

What's frustrating is that the representative who assisted me had to repeat questions each time we got on the phone, those questions were already asked and answered by me, still she said it is eHealth's policy to repeat them. I thought that was not necessary as it was a waste of time and all calls were taped so you should already have the answers to those questions such as "do you have a renal disease?" and others. Wonder if eHealth can change this policy so to be more efficient and save time for everyone?
Barbara H, Palo Alto, CA

Adriana Anderson

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