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15 customer reviews for Arthur

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Courteous and respectful

Art communicated clearly and was very helpful. Rare in these times. Anonymous, Clermont, FL Read more customer reviews Read more reviews

More about Arthur

My name is Art, and I am 55 years of age. I’m originally from California but moved to Massachusetts when I was 9 years old and saw snow up close for the first time! I’ve been married to my wife for 15 years, enjoying our life together with our 12-year-old son and 8-year-old daughter. We love the water and people. I’ve spent many years in the corporate world as an insurance product specialist and now as a licensed insurance agent specializing in Medicare. Before working in insurance, I was a technical and forecast analyst and a general manager in the hospitality industry.

Three words that describe me:

Simple, honest, and integrity

Favorite thing to do when not at work:

Be with my family

Favorite place to visit and why:

I love to go to Puerto Rico as my wife is from there and my children love the beaches and all the low-hanging fruit!

What I like most about helping people find the right Medicare plan:

It is very rewarding to hear someone say that they feel so much better and relieved once they are enrolled. They appreciate the fact that I helped them to understand their Medicare plan options and to find a plan that best fits their needs.

Other Favorites:

Favorite movie: Joseph with Ben Kinsley directed by Roger Young
Favorite author: Isaiah
Favorite musicians: King David, Paul Wilbur

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Can I Apply for Medicare Online?  

If you are approaching Medicare eligibility, you may have questions about how to sign up to receive your benefits. Fortunately, you have more convenient options than making an appointment with a representative and driving to your local Social Security... Read more

What are Medicare 5-Star Plans?

Did you know that the government rates Medicare Advantage and Medicare Prescription Drug Plans? Based on patient feedback, doctor feedback, and other criteria, Medicare assigns one through five stars (unless a plan gets consistently poor ratings, which may... Read more

Does Medicare Cover Diabetes Screening?  

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) statistics, the rate of new diabetes diagnoses has increased by over 100% in the last three decades. The good news is that the rate has started to dip slightly since 2008. The CDC says the slight... Read more

Managing Caregiver Stress

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 34 million people in the United States are unpaid caregivers to adults who are ill or have a disability. Over half of these caregivers believe their own health has suffered as a... Read more

Caring for Adults with Cognitive and Memory Impairment

Caring for a loved one can be challenging under the best of circumstances, but caring for someone with cognitive impairment can be especially challenging. People with cognitive impairment may have certain conditions or injuries that have affected their... Read more

Does Medicare Cover Implantable Defibrillators?

If you have certain heart conditions, your doctor may recommend you have an implantable cardiac defibrillator, or ICD. Your Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) may cover an implantable defibrillator if your doctor believes it is medically necessary to... Read more

Kidney Stones: Symptoms and Causes

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), about 11% of men and 6% of women in the United States will get kidney stones during their lifetimes. The pain or bleeding associated with this fairly common condition sends many people to emergency rooms... Read more

What is Physical Therapy for Seniors?

A licensed medical professional, called a physical therapist, uses non-invasive and drug-free techniques to treat patients with a variety of different medical conditions, according to the American Physical Therapy Association. Doctors may prescribe physical... Read more

Estate Planning: Finding an Attorney

Families often don't consider the implications of important tasks like estate planning until a family member is facing cognitive decline, a debilitating illness, or the prospect of long-term care, according to the National Institute on Aging (part of the... Read more

Logging In to MyMedicare.gov

As a Medicare beneficiary, you are welcome to use MyMedicare.gov to do such tasks as: Track your personal health information View and print a list of your current prescription medications Take advantage of the Blue Button's useful features... Read more

Caregiving Issues for a Multi-Generational Family

Almost 49 million Americans care for adults; about two-thirds of these caregivers are women. Over a third of caregivers are caring for parents; most (86%) are caring for relatives (including parents). Almost 13 million Americans are caring for both children... Read more

Caring for Elderly Parents

When a parent reaches the point where living alone is no longer a safe option, one out of a group of siblings might step up to become the caregiver for aging parents. If that's your role in the family, you may have questions and concerns about what to... Read more

Does Medicare Cover Ostomy Supplies?

An ostomy is a surgical procedure that creates an opening (stoma) to the outside of the body from an organ or system inside the body, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). These openings may be temporary or permanent, depending on your... Read more

What is an Annual Notice of Change?

If you're currently enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan, your plan will send you a "Plan Annual Notice of Change" (ANOC) each fall. The Annual Notice of Change is a booklet that explains any changes in your plan’s benefit coverage, costs, or service area... Read more

Does Medicare Cover Contact Lenses?

In very specific circumstances, Original Medicare's Part B will cover some costs associated with contact lenses. Routine vision care, including prescription eyewear and contact lenses, is not covered. Original Medicare (Part A and B) typically limits... Read more

Medicare Star Ratings and the 5-Star Special Election Period

Are you unhappy with your current plan or need a change? The Medicare 5-Star Special Election Period (SEP) may be a good time to switch to a 5-star rated Medicare Advantage plan, Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, or Medicare Cost Plan. Medicare plans are... Read more

What Is Hepatitis C?

Hepatitis is a contagious viral disease characterized by inflammation of the liver and currently affects an estimated 2.7 to 3.9 million people in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The three most common types of... Read more

Do UnitedHealthcare Medicare Plans Include Routine Dental Coverage?

UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage plans offer you an alternative way to get your Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) benefits. By law, all Medicare Advantage plans must cover, at a minimum, everything Original Medicare covers (except hospice benefits,... Read more

Do Coventry Medicare Plans Cover Routine Vision?

Medicare vision coverage under Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) is generally limited to only medically necessary treatment for injuries, diseases, and conditions that affect the health and integrity of the eye, such as cataract surgery. For most routine... Read more

Do Medicare Advantage Plans Offered by Humana Cover Routine Dental Services?

If you are enrolled in Original Medicare (Part A and Part B), you may already know that it doesn't cover routine dental care. However, if you choose to get your Medicare benefits through a Medicare Advantage plan offered by Humana, you may be able to get... Read more

What Types of Medicare Part D Coverage Does Aetna Offer?

What is Aetna Medicare Part D? Congress authorized Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans under the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act of 2003, making Medicare prescription drug coverage available to beneficiaries for the first... Read more

Medicare Cost Plans: Eligibility, Coverage, and Costs

Medicare Cost plans are private Medicare health plans that are only available in certain parts of the country. Plan members who use in-network providers will have lower costs and the most coverage, but there's also an option to use out-of-network providers... Read more

Does Medicare Cover Lift Chairs?

Medicare may cover the seat-lift mechanism of your lift chair if you meet certain conditions. Learn how Medicare coverage of lift chairs works. What is a lift chair? A “lift chair,” also known as a seat lift chair, refers to a chair with a motorized... Read more

Does Medicare Cover Urology?

Are you wondering what urology is and whether urologic services are covered by Medicare? By definition, urology involves conditions of the urinary and male reproductive systems. If you're a Medicare beneficiary with a urologic condition and need to see a... Read more

Medicare Late-Enrollment Penalties

Certain parts of Medicare may have late-enrollment penalties if you don’t sign up when you’re first eligible. These penalties may apply if you delay enrollment for Medicare Part A, Part B, and/or Part D. Usually, you’re first eligible for Original... Read more

Medicare Plan Options for People with Low Incomes

Medigap plans, also called Medicare Supplement plans, can be helpful for people with lower incomes, as some Medigap plans cover many of the expenses that Original Medicare, Part A and Part B, does not cover. Such expenses can include copayments, coinsurance,... Read more

Medigap Rights and Medicare Advantage Plans

In some situations, you may have certain rights to enroll in a Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plan. Typically, outside of your Medigap Open Enrollment Period, insurance companies can deny you coverage or charge you higher premiums if you have health... Read more

Does Medicare Cover Atarax?

Atarax (generic name Hydroxyzine) is a prescription antihistamine. According to the FDA, the drug can be used to treat symptoms caused by allergic reactions. Atarax and Hydroxyzine can also be used to treat anxiety over the short term. Original Medicare... Read more

Does Medicare Cover Zoloft?

Doctors sometimes prescribe Zoloft (generic name Sertraline) to treat symptoms like anxiety and depression. According to the FDA, the drug works by affecting serotonin levels in your brain. Original Medicare coverage of prescription drugs is limited. Under... Read more

Does Medicare Cover Percocet?

Percocet (generic name Oxycodone) is a prescription pain reliever. According to the FDA, it may be used to treat moderate to severe pain and may be covered under a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan. If you're a Medicare beneficiary with Original... Read more

Does Medicare Cover Exelon?

Generally, Medicare doesn't cover prescription drugs like Exelon (generic name: rivastigmine), unless you are enrolled in a Medicare plan that includes coverage for prescription drugs. According to the National Institutes of Health's Medline Plus website,... Read more

Does Medicare Cover Ambien?

The drug Ambien (generic name Zolpidem) is a prescription medication that treats insomnia, according to the Food and Drug Administration. Doctors sometimes prescribe sedative-hypnotics, like Ambien, for sleeping problems on a short-term basis. If you... Read more

Medicare in Nebraska

Nebraska residents have two main choices when deciding how to receive their Medicare benefits. You may opt for the federal arm of the program, called Original Medicare, Part A and Part B, or you may choose to enroll in a Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C)... Read more

Medicare in North Dakota

Before you enroll in a Medicare plan in North Dakota, it is recommended that you consider all available options. As such, Medicare.com offers the use of our plan comparison tool for specific plan data and pricing. About Medicare in North Dakota Medicare is... Read more

Medicare in Rhode Island

When you’re choosing a Medicare plan in Rhode Island, you may want to consider all of the options. Let Medicare.com be your resource for coverage facts while offering the use of our plan comparison tool to examine Medicare pricing options and plan... Read more

Medicare in Vermont

Medicare beneficiaries in Vermont may have many options when it comes to Medicare. Whether you get your coverage through Original Medicare or a Medicare Advantage plan, it’s important to consider all of your choices carefully so that you find coverage that... Read more

Medicare Advantage vs. Medicare Supplement: How to Choose

After enrolling in the Medicare program, beneficiaries must decide how they want to receive their Original Medicare, Part A and Part B, benefits and whether they need additional coverage. This means that they will have to decide if a Medicare Advantage plan... Read more

The Pros and Cons of Switching to a Medicare Advantage Plan

Medicare Advantage plans, also known as Medicare Part C, are one way for beneficiaries to receive their Medicare benefits. These plans are required to offer everything that’s covered under Original Medicare, Part A and Part B, with the exception of hospice... Read more

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Very informative, detailed and patient
Anonymous, Cincinnati, OH

polite, courteous, responsive
Anonymous, Mechanicsville, VA

Very courteous & helpful.
Anonymous, Granbury, TX

I stopped Arthur before he gave me more information because I wanted to peruse the different choices I have. He was very knowledgeable.
Female, 72, Laveen, AZ

Person was knowledgeable and helpful
Female, 64, Wichita, KS

Arthur F. was Very helpful, knowledgeable about all aspects of the insurance plan; he was very patient with all my questions, explained everything to me, and I feel I have made an informed decision about my heath care coverage owing to his guidance.
Eileen D, Springfield, VA

He made it very clear that I could keep my present health care provider. He informed me that they are in the ehealth net work. Very fine.
Male, 80, Simpsonville, SC

best agent I ever talked to
Male, 69, Exeter, NH

Art was extremely informative and patient. My road to making a decision about Medicare coverage will be long and winding, and I believe that your agent gave me a good basis for understanding my options. Thank you!
Carol R, Saint Petersburg, FL

Exceptionally knowledgeable. I can't believe the coverage I will have for $0 per month and get to use my doctor of 32 years.
Wanda H, Wichita, KS

Very pleased with this rep - Arthur
Stanley T, Charleston, SC

The representative was very patient and accommodating
Roxie H, Southfield, MI

very good
Anonymous, Carrollton, TX

Your representative was wonderful but insurance is such a personal thing and I can only relate my experience and would not hesitate to do that. How could I guarantee my friend would reach the same representative?
Anonymous, Dunedin, FL

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