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8.6 out of 10

50 customer reviews for Blake

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Provided helpful information
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Clear and concise answers
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Courteous and respectful

Our Group Insurance program is changing, have talked to a number of people. Blake was the only one who gave me good info John McMillan John M, Coarsegold, CA Read more customer reviews Read more reviews

More about Blake

I have been involved with insurance for nearly five years. Four of those years have been here at eHealth helping beneficiaries with their private Medicare insurance plans. I have a genuine love for people and truly want to do the right thing for each person I am speaking with.

Three words that describe me:

Proactive, informative, and helpful.

Favorite thing to do when not at work:

Coach lacrosse or soccer and play with my kids.

Favorite place to visit and why:

I like going to Disneyland because my kids never stop talking about it.

What I like most about helping people find the right Medicare plan options:

I like the fact that every time I finish an enrollment, people are very thankful for the service I have provided them.

Other Favorites:

Musician: Harry Connick Jr.

Author: Richard Paul Evans

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Medicare articles by Blake

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Medicare Late-Enrollment Penalties

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Do I Need Part A and Part B if I’m Still Working?

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Does Medicare Cover Voltaren?

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Medicare Made Easy

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Customer reviews of Blake

Blake Hardy was very nice and patient! I was no piece of cake and he did not get exhausted with me but remained kind, courteous, and professional!
Anonymous, Fort Myers, FL

Blake H. just went above and beyond any norm for customer service and never acted like a sales person. He really did have my best interests in mind and that is what sales are all about.
Anonymous, West Palm Beach, FL

All I can say is Blake was great. I was constantly calling him and he always called me back or emailed me quickly. I was extremely pleased with him. He always answered my questions as many times as I needed clearification..
Anonymous, Winter Springs, FL

Blake was extremely helpful. He set up a follow-up call based on my timing.
Male, 65, Indio, CA

I was helping my Mom select a plan since she doesn't understand much about insurance options and she has a hard time hearing especially over the phone. Blake was great getting us through the call.
Florence F, Gwynn Oak, MD

I had several conversations with Blake H. over the past year. He was extremely patient and worked with me until I was able to digest the information and decide on a plan. There was never any pressure. He was simply supportive of my efforts to figure out the best coverage for me and my husband.
Robin R, Bellport, NY

Blake was knowledgeable and courteous at all times. Excellent CSR!
Male, 68, Griffin, GA

Blake Hardy was fantastic, I have recommended him to two other people.
Thomas P, Harrison, NY

Blake Hardy was awesome
Anonymous, Sun City, AZ

Blake answered all my questions and I gave my girlfriend his phone number and extension number to her, her husband is turning 65 shortly and will need coverage. I highly recommended him to call Blake. Thank you Jane L West Lawn Pa
Jane L, Westlawn, PA

I was helping my Mom select a plan since she doesn't understand much about insurance options and she has a hard time hearing especially over the phone. Blake was great getting us through the call.

Blake Hardy was very helpful and didn't rush me through your process.
Gail G, Midland, TX

I very glad I called. The only way to describe Blake as a representative is in superlatives! Thank you!
David A, Larkspur, CO

Blake was very helpful promised he would call us today and he did
Anna R, Merritt Island, FL

Blake made me feel VERY important as a valued PERSON and not just another numbered call. He really cared about my needs and helped me find the BEST Ins. for my needs. He is a real asset to your company. Thank You
Karren H, Boynton Beach, FL

We had to wait to enroll as we were a day to soon. Blake was very helpful we would enroll if he called us back, today is the day we can enroll oct 15.
Anonymous, Bakersfield, CA

Blake Hardy is awesome. Very personable, patient, and knowledgeable. Extremely competent.
Anonymous, Las Vegas, NV

Blake was very helpful and knowledgable. He was very well versed in the products
Anonymous, Yonkers, NY

Blake is a great rep
Anonymous, Redmond, WA

Blake Hardy - the e-health insurance rep, was very helpful and patient. He even fielded questions on top of other calls that I was taking pertaining to a life changing event...he was most patient about this as well.
Anonymous, Eau Claire, WI

He was excellent took his time with me. And let me ask questions. I enjoyed talking with Blake he's a fine rep.
Anonymous, Gas City, IN

Anonymous, Stockbridge, GA

Blake was excellent and provided A+ service!
Anonymous, Roswell, GA

Blake was very knowledgable, and it was a pleasure to discuss my needs with him. He was Great and I feel very good after I spoke with him .
Anonymous, Havana, FL

Blake was excellent. Patient, courteous and informative. He made the process easy.
Anonymous, Bomoseen, VT

I feel that Blake was truly interested in finding the best plan for my needs.
Anonymous, Philadelphia, PA

Blake did a great job advising me and my wife. Both of us bought a supplement and prescription plan from him. He is our go-to health care guy.
Anonymous, Lewis Center, OH

Blake was very knowledgeable, gave my wife and I options to discuss. This was the 3rd time that I talked to him. We more than likely will sign up with him, once our Part B becomes effective.
Anonymous, Petersburg, MI

Blake did an excellent job of explaining the options and made a clear and precise recommendation.
Anonymous, Clemson, SC

Blake was very informative and helpful. Thank him for a job well done.
Anonymous, Cumming, GA

Anonymous, San Bruno, CA

I was pleased with the info Blake supplied . He made the confusing decision much easier.
Anonymous, Lawrence, KS

Blake H. was great to work with.
Anonymous, Blue Eye, MO

Blake was very helpful and new his business
Anonymous, Saint Charles, MO

Blake was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, understanding, and you couldn't ask for a better representative to speak with
Anonymous, Dubuque, IA

Blake Hardy made finding what was best for me very easy. I had no idea it would be this easy to figure out and get signed up for it.I trusted his judgement even though i had him show me some differences in the plans.I am very relieved and satisfied with my decision.Blake is a very good asset to Ehealth. thank you.
Anonymous, Florence, AZ

Blake Hardy is top shelf, couldn't ask for better.
Anonymous, Millinocket, ME

Blake was extremely helpful and was able to help me select the best insurance supplement plan for me based on coverage and cost. I could not have made the same smart choices without his help.
Anonymous, Fort Garland, CO

Blake H. was very professional He took great care with us and helped us know the things we had to do before we could sign up.
Anonymous, North Palm Beach, FL

Outstanding!!! Could not be more pleased, thank you Blake!
Anonymous, Los Alamos, NM

Blake Hardy was very patient and understanding with my husbands needs of supplemental insurance. A definate asseet to your company.
Anonymous, Petaluma, CA

Blake was very helpful and knew what he was talking about. I will use him as my agent.
Anonymous, South San Francisco, CA

Blake Hardy was absolutely terrific. patient and knowledgeable.
Anonymous, Morrisville, PA

Blake was patient and informative. Just amazingly helpful.
Anonymous, Sacramento, CA

Blake H made my experience in getting health insurance very easy . He explained and answer my question very effectively. Help me select the right insurance plan.I'm very thankful and grateful.
Anonymous, Casselberry, FL

Blake was excellent!
Anonymous, Yorktown Heights, NY

Blake was not pushy. Give him a raise in salary.
Anonymous, Port Hueneme, CA

Blake was very good to speak with and I appreciated his patience when I had questions. :o)
Anonymous, Robbinsville, NC

Blake Hardy was extremely patient and listened to my confusion which made it easy for him to clarify my concerns and uncertainty. There are hundreds of plans / Insurance Companies which makes it near impossible to decide which is best for me at the least expense. Some plans offer much more than I require at this stage of my life.
Anonymous, Monroe, NY

Blake Hardy

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