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56 customer reviews for Brenda

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Provided helpful information
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Clear and concise answers
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Courteous and respectful

She was both completely professional and friendly, making me feel she cared about my needs. Kathryn H, Sioux Falls, SD Read more customer reviews Read more reviews

More about Brenda

I’ve been a licensed insurance agent specializing in Medicare since 2008. I worked for four years as a field agent and have worked for the past two years at eHealth. I love the work that I do and find it very satisfying. I have been married for 26 years, with three children ages 16- 24. I had the pressure of caring for and assisting my parents during their later years. Every Medicare beneficiary that I assist is an honor and tribute to my parents. While I count on this work that I do to support my family, it is so much more than just a job to me.

Three words that describe me:

Knowledgeable, compassionate, honest

Favorite thing to do when not at work:

Relax at home.

Favorite place to visit and why:

My travels so far have been limited to the East Coast, some parts of the Caribbean, Africa, and Canada. While I love to travel and see other parts of the country or world, I love to come back home. I love the Northeast, it’s diversity including the people, experiences, and of course weather. 

What I like most about helping people find the right Medicare plan:

I find great satisfaction and sense of purpose knowing that I have made someone’s life better by helping them to find a Medicare plan that is right for their needs.

Other Favorites:

I enjoy all types of music – gospel, R&B, jazz, and country, just to name a few.

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Customer reviews of Brenda

I cannot say enough nice things about Brenda. She was knowledgeable and so considerate!
Anonymous, Athens, GA

Brenda was incredibly helpful, patient ,kind and informative. She answered all the questions that I had and calmed me down because I was pretty angry with my call to the previous insurance. She was great!!!!!
Anonymous, Pearland, TX

Extremely pleased. Spoke slowly enough so husband who hearing impaired could easily understand.
Anonymous, Aumsville, OR

Excellent service from knowledgeable lady, Brenda.
Female, 87, Las Vegas, NV

she was very pleasant and respectful
Female, 80, Mantua, OH

very nice and very helpful She called me back at a later date because I was busy with other things She really tried to get the best plan that would fulfill my needs.
David J, Syracuse, NY

Due to my age and technology, or lack there of, I get confused easily. Brenda explained, repeated it and then had me explain what I heard. What a nice experience, I felt like she really cared.
Marie F, Williamsport, PA

Brenda Abraham was very help. Her explanation of my plan was helpful and easy to understand
Irene T, Sullivan, WI

Brenda speaks very clearly and is easy to understand. I had a very pleasant conversation.
Patricia L, Mesa, AZ

Pleased with the advice
Rosa M, Mammoth, AZ

Very good at what she does!
Larry H, Lenexa, KS

My rep was obviously ill, yet she helped me through my application after your computer system failed on a previous attempt to enroll!
Nicholas S, Hawthorne, CA

Due to my age and technology, or lack there of, I get confused easily. Brenda explained, repeated it and then had me explain what I heard. What a nice experience, I felt like she really cared.
Marie F, Williamsport, PA

very nice and very helpful She called me back at a later date because I was busy with other things She really tried to get the best plan that would fulfill my needs.
David J, Syracuse, NY

Brenda was very patient, professional, and helpful.
David J, San Antonio, TX

I struggled last year for at least two months trying to find the best prescription coverage...it was done for me, in a very timely manner, by Brenda my representative. Am very thankful this service.
Patricia B, Sharpsburg, GA

Friendly and knowledgeable representative!
Nicholas S, Hawthorne, CA

felt like I had made a new friend after speaking with Brenda
Tracy W, Mooresboro, NC

Brenda listened well and advised about open enrollment for Part D. I was unaware of time period.
Anonymous, Kansas City, MO

Couldn't have been better
Anonymous, North Myrtle Beach, SC

I have already recommended Brenda A. to someone and will also have my husband call so he can apply for a Medicare supplement plan.
Anonymous, Atlanta, GA

Brenda was very helpful. I was very happy with the service I received.
Anonymous, Las Cruces, NM

She was very courteous and very helpful and was able to provide me the information I needed.
Anonymous, Crossville, TN

She answered all of my questions and performed very courtiously
Anonymous, Minneapolis, MN

Brenda was very knowledgeable and helpful to me with any questions I had. She was very professional and will check back with me during the next enrollment period.
Anonymous, South Windsor, CT

She spoke faster than I could write other than that she was awesome
Anonymous, Post Falls, ID

Brenda was very patient and very helpful.
Anonymous, Orlando, FL

Brenda was very helpful
Anonymous, Mattoon, IL

she listened, answered my questions and did not direct me to a website as others have done
Anonymous, Sebring, FL

Anonymous, Punta Gorda, FL

I found Ms. Abrahams quite polite,knowledgable, and helpful. There was no pressure to accept any plan.
Anonymous, La Salle, IL

Should be proud to have an employe like her!!
Anonymous, Mchenry, IL

Very personable and polite. She explained the medicare part D and costs of each drug I take-both for preferred and non-preferred & mail in pharmacy rates so that I can make decision.
Anonymous, Los Osos, CA

The representative was excellent
Anonymous, Old Bridge, NJ

very helpfull and very patient with my questions
Anonymous, Ishpeming, MI

She was very patient, knowledgable, courteous. And patient
Anonymous, Trent, TX

Brenda A was outstanding in her professionalism and understanding her product. You should be proud to have her as youe employee.
Anonymous, Austin, TX

Thanks for the great informative service.
Anonymous, Nashville, TN

was not able to answer my question
Anonymous, Rome, NY

Agent was very nice and looked up more information for me. Thanks!
Anonymous, Orange Springs, FL

Very satisfied with the time and.explainations extended to me and my wife
Anonymous, Riverside, NJ

We were cut off and Brenda kept her line open so I could recall. We picked up right where we left off both tines which saved a lot of time. I appreciated that very much.
Anonymous, Las Vegas, NV

Brenda was very nice and understanding and very knowledable
Anonymous, Jacksonville, FL

I was directed to the proper Medicare site & helped to get the information I needed
Anonymous, Marlton, NJ

overall was good
Anonymous, Clarksville, TN

Brenda spent a good amount of time with me. she made me feel valued.
Anonymous, Ruskin, FL

I didn't feel like I was talking to a "sales person" she was professional and knowledgeable, easy to talk to. I would highly recommend her.
Anonymous, Lanoka Harbor, NJ

She listened very carefully and helped me to make a clearcut decisision but did not try to sway me she was very informitive.
Anonymous, Chino Valley, AZ

She did a very good job & was patient.
Anonymous, Pandora, OH

Rep answered all my questions and emailed me information
Anonymous, Bluefield, WV

Brenda is very nice!
Anonymous, Boca Raton, FL

I have used eHealth previously for my own insurance and knew it was a good way to look for policies.
Anonymous, Abilene, TX

Very helpful and very needed. Thank you
Anonymous, Fort Worth, TX

Brenda was very helpful and patient. I was very pleasantly surprised!
Anonymous, Ada, MI

clear and straight answers
Anonymous, Beaumont, TX

Brenda Abrahams

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