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David Hambly

David Hambly

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19 customer reviews for David

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Provided helpful information
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Clear and concise answers
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Courteous and respectful

David became my angel after 8 years of strugglings with healcare, vision, dental I dont think any one can help with since they have a 12mo waiting period which is why allot of people turn it down or dont use it at all. David is my family hero Anonymous, Plainwell, MI Read more customer reviews Read more reviews

More about David

I was born and raised in the south Boston area. I spent 10 years in the Merchant Marine service. I lived in Southern California for 15 years. I worked for 15 years as a medical respiratory therapist. I currently in a beautiful home in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have 2 adult children in college in California. I am currently a licensed insurance agent specializing in Medicare programs.

Three words that describe me:

Customer, service, friendly

Favorite thing to do when not at work:

Sit in the hot tub.

Favorite place to visit and why:

Cancun – great food, great people, great scuba diving

What I like most about helping people find the right Medicare plan options:

My greatest satisfaction is assisting clients with understanding Medicare information, finding affordable plan options with great medical benefits, and enrolling them in strong medical insurance. I listen to my clients’ financial situations and medical needs and then find them a plan that best fits those needs. Clients are grateful when I work hard to find them an affordable insurance plan with great benefits that cover their medical costs. I complete their enrollment efficiently and effectively.

Other Favorites:

Author: Ann Rice, James Paterson, Stephen King
Musician: Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, Eddie Van Halen
Actor: Clint Eastwood, Bruce Willis
Sports team: Boston Bruins, New England Patriots, Boston Red Sox

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Medicare articles by David

After Caregiving Ends: Life after Caregiving

When your caregiver duties come to a close after the death of a loved one, there's often a double sense of loss, observes the Hospice Foundation of America. In addition to grieving for your loved one, you also might feel the loss of your caregiving role... Read more

Does Medicare Cover Smoking Cessation Treatments?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), people who stop smoking greatly reduce their risk for smoking-related diseases and early death. Smoking cessation is beneficial at any age, according to the CDC. Medicare will cover up to... Read more

Osteoarthritis Treatment Options

According to the Arthritis Foundation, osteoarthritis affects about 27 million Americans and is the most common joint condition. Also known as degenerative arthritis or degenerative joint disease, osteoarthritis most often affects the knees, hips, neck, back,... Read more

Medicare Coverage of Glucose Monitors

What are glucose monitors used for? If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, a glucose monitor can help you manage your disease and prevent complications, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). A glucose monitor measures your blood... Read more

Does Medicare Cover Kidney Failure?

The kidneys perform the essential function of removing waste and excess water from the body, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH).  Kidney failure, also called end-stage renal disease (ESRD), is the final stage of chronic kidney disease. When... Read more

How Can I Find Healthcare Providers That Accept Coventry Medicare Plans?

If you are enrolled in certain types of Coventry Medicare plans -- such as Coventry Medicare Advantage Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs), or Coventry Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans, you may need... Read more

How Can I Find Healthcare Providers Who Accept Medicare Advantage Plans Offered by Humana?

Some  Medicare Advantage plans available from Humana require you to use providers in the Humana plan's network to access your plan benefits and minimize your out-of-pocket costs. Here's how to find Humana providers in your area. Why do I need to use... Read more

How Can I Find Healthcare Providers that Accept Aetna’s Medicare Plans?

How Can I Find Health-Care Providers that Accept Aetna's Medicare Plans?   Aetna is a private company contracted with Medicare to provide benefits to beneficiaries under the Medicare Advantage program. Like many companies that offer Medicare plans,... Read more

Review Your Medicare Coverage Each Year (Infographic)

For many beneficiaries, after you first enroll in a private Medicare insurance plan such as a Medicare Advantage plan or a stand-alone Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, you may not think about it again. If you're happy with the benefits, you might ignore the... Read more

Does Medicare Cover My Sleep Apnea Equipment and CPAP Machine?

Sleep Apnea What is Sleep Apnea Does Medicare Cover Sleep Studies? Does Medicare Cover My Sleep Apnea Equipment and CPAP Machine? Sleep apnea might be your diagnosis if you momentarily stop breathing while you sleep --  sometimes many... Read more

Medicare and Viagra

Original Medicare, Part A and Part B, provides limited coverage of prescription drugs. Some drugs, like Viagra, aren't covered by Original Medicare. If you would like coverage for your medications, you can enroll in a Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug... Read more

Medigap Rights and Medicare Advantage Plans

In some situations, you may have certain rights to enroll in a Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plan. Typically, outside of your Medigap Open Enrollment Period, insurance companies can deny you coverage or charge you higher premiums if you have health... Read more

Medicare Copayments, Coinsurance, and Annual Deductibles Explained

While the Medicare program provides health-care coverage, it does not exempt you from all out-of-pocket costs. There are instances where you are responsible for paying for a share of your health coverage. Whether you’re talking about Original Medicare, Part... Read more

Medicare and Dual Residency

Are you a Medicare beneficiary who lives in two states? Original Medicare, Part A and Part B, is not restricted by a service network. If you’re a dual resident of two states, this type of Medicare insurance will provide coverage wherever you choose to live... Read more

Medicare in Wisconsin

Searching for a Medicare plan in Wisconsin? Then let Medicare.com be your resource while you shop. We provide an obligation-free plan comparison tool so anyone can review private Medicare plan options and pricing detail in their area. About Medicare in... Read more

Medicare in Indiana

While shopping for Medicare plans in Indiana, let Medicare.com be your resource. About Medicare in Indiana Medicare beneficiaries in Indiana can choose to receive their health care through the federal government with Original Medicare, Part A and Part B... Read more

Medicare in Mississippi

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Medicare in Montana

If you’re a Medicare beneficiary in Montana, you may not realize you have multiple options when it comes to how you get your Medicare benefits. Some people choose to get their coverage through the federally run program, Original Medicare, Part A and Part B,... Read more

Medicare Part B – Medical Insurance

Medicare Coverage Basics Medicare Part A - Hospital Insurance Medicare Part B - Medical Insurance Medicare Part C - Medicare Advantage Medicare Part D - Prescription Drug Coverage What is Medicare Part B coverage? Medicare Part B... Read more

About the Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage Gap (“Donut Hole”)

The Medicare coverage gap is the phase of your Medicare Part D benefit when there is a gap in prescription drug coverage. You might not reach this stage at all; it starts if you and your plan spend a certain amount of money within a year, as described below.... Read more

Customer reviews of David

You have a very good rep that knows what he is doing If I was his boss I'd give him a comendation and a raise . He is a real asset to your company
Anonymous, Duncanville, TX

David H was very knowledgeable and helped me to choose a plan that was much more affordable than others that I had considered.
Anonymous, Key Largo, FL

I really enjoyed taking with David. He was very pleasant to work with. If I had it to do all over again I would like for David to help me.
Anonymous, Cincinnati, OH

David was extremely courteous and helpful in walking me and my son through the process. He had great patience.
Female, 68, Basking Ridge, NJ

david was great patient and informative
Linda C, Tucson, AZ

He made me feel reassured.
Lila N, Jackson, TN

Patient , took his time and answered all my questions. Knowledgeable and after speaking with him I was less stressed and felt comfortable with my decisions. Thank you David
Linda C, Tucson, AZ

Very good
Anonymous, Porterville, CA

David found me a very cost effective Plan D that covered my prescriptions.
Anonymous, Mesa, AZ

Very pleasant person to talk to. Field certain he knew what he was talking about and gave me the best advise.
Anonymous, Princess Anne, MD

Very clear and profesional.
Anonymous, Stephens City, VA

Service could not be better. I appreciate information being unbiased, accurate and informative.
Anonymous, Inwood, IA

very friendly and patient
Anonymous, Cleveland, OH

he answered all my questions and made sure i understand everting and he found me a paln that gave me what i needed and at a low cost to me
Anonymous, Redford, MI

good info and polite and to the point
Anonymous, League City, TX

Mr David was so helpful caring he so polite and explain all I need to know 10+ to David
Anonymous, Shawnee, KS

Happy with the representative and service
Anonymous, Le Grand, CA

Very good service
Anonymous, Columbus, GA

David Hambly

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