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110 customer reviews for Jory

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Provided helpful information
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Clear and concise answers
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Courteous and respectful

I was so impressed that I gave his name and number to two of my friends. I never felt the least bit pressured and he was very patient with me. Barbara D, Springfield, OH Read more customer reviews Read more reviews

More about Jory

I have spent the last 10 years of my life focused on helping others through challenging times in their life, whether it be marriage issues, financial issues, or just simply helping to provide directions. In that same vein, I love what I am doing with eHealth: Providing Medicare beneficiaries a safe place to turn to get honest feedback, with unbiased recommendations, in a relaxed, no-pressure environment. I love taking something that can be incredibly overwhelming and making it relatively effortless. I walk people through the decision-making process so that they are confident in the plan they ultimately choose.

Three words that describe me:

Patient, understanding, and honest.

Favorite thing to do when not at work:

Work with families in planning their future.

Favorite place to visit and why:

Panama. I had an amazing time there, from snorkeling in the Atlantic Ocean to cruising through dirt roads in the jungle. Most amazing place there is an old pirate fort called Fort San Lorenzo. Amazing history in Panama.

What I like most about helping people find the right Medicare plan options:

Typically, when people call me, they are at the breaking point with their plan options. They have talked to several insurance companies and hear one thing, their friends are telling them another, and Internet blogs are saying something different. At this point, anyone would be confused and frustrated. What I find is most of these sources of information are all FEAR-based decision making. They are trying to scare you into a plan or scare you away from other plans. What I enjoy doing is explaining the options from a factual perspective. I explain how the plans work with Medicare, what the benefits are, and simply educate the beneficiary so he or she can make an educated decision. Because let’s face it: Every individual is different, and the plan that is working great for your friend might not be the right plan for you.

Other Favorites:

Sports team: the Seattle Seahawks
Movie: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
Author: John Maxwell
Quote: E + R = O (Event + Response = Outcome) I believe if we decide what the outcome is what we desire, it won’t matter what life events get thrown at us. We just need to learn to respond to the event to get the outcome we want.

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Customer reviews of Jory

Mr. Jory Cross could not have been more helpful. . He was extremely knowledgeable more so than anyone I have talked to. Based on the information he gave me I definitely will be getting back in touch with him. Thanks Jory!!!
Anonymous, Salem, OH

I wish all representatives and/or people that deal with seniors and the public was as patient and precise as Jory. He is a gem. Thanks for his kindness.
Anonymous, Detroit, MI

Jory was extremely polite and professional. I really didn't know anything about medicare plans and he answered all my questions and led me to the plan that I feel best suits me.
Anonymous, Hemet, CA

Jory was very helpful and provided me with information that I needed.
Female, 75, Ottumwa, IA

Female, 66, Aberdeen, MD

It was my 2nd year I called Jory who is very polite and helpful. Always gives me choices to compare and makes sure we get the best for what we need. Very patient, pleasure to talk to.
Edith D, Marietta, GA

Jory Cross is an excellent broker. He is pleasant, concise, patient, and respectful. Choosing the best medicare plan can be intimidating and stressful, but because of Jory's helpfulness and knowledge I feel confident that I have made the right choices.
Kathy S, Chicago, IL

This is my third year to deal with Jory. He is very helpful and so far my trust in him has not faltered. He is very knowledgeable and I trust him.
Iva C, Plano, TX

He was Excellent
Lavata H, Millington, TN

Jory, was so pleasant , put me at ease, answered all my questions,saved me a lot of money,and could not have been more helpful.
Diane D, Langhorne, PA

Jory C. was professional and patient with my numerous questions. He was able to explain in a manner that I understood, exactly what was beneficial about the different plans we thought should be considered, given my situation. I was very comfortable with my final decision.
Ronnie B, Glendale, AZ

Thank you for the good work in signing me up. Keep up the great work. Gary Johnson
Male, 64, Tempe, AZ

Anyone who can answer all of my questions have the patience of Job.
Male, 65, Memphis, TN

Jory was very helpful and provided me with information that I needed.
Anonymous, Irving, TX

Rory has been my sole rep for eHealth after two false attempts last Feb. I was pressured initially by someone pushng ***. Very annoying!
Anonymous, Jacksonville, FL

Very qualified
Shelby R, Monroe, GA

Excellant employee for you have reccomended him to many of my friends, he is an asset to your company
Anonymous, Wildwood, GA

Jory sounded like a person you would like for a friend.
Anonymous, Henrico, VA

Jory Cross was very helpful, polite and a joy to work with! He was super nice!
Brenda V, Leesburg, FL

Jory was very helpful, on-time and efficient and I appreciated his efforts to clearup this confusing medicare thing.
Robb J, Austin, TX

Jory was extremely helpful. I have talked with him in the past and am always impressed with his knowledge.
Carolyn M, Cos Cob, CT

Very Knowledgeable, very concise and patient, and kind. He helped me as I had many questions and called a few times. I am referring him and your company to all my friends and anyone in need.
James R, Wildwood, GA

He really helped me uhderstand insurance better, since my husband use to always handle it & is now deceased so I have to do this primarily on my own.
Anonymous, Fayetteville, NC

He was very good. We just wanted to talk it over and will call him back tuesday.
Arturo P, Houston, TX

He was very patient with all of my questions.
Anonymous, Glendale Heights, IL

Anonymous, Homer, NY

Jory was great-very thorough and smart about the plans!
Anonymous, Cookeville, TN

Great rep
Anonymous, Palm City, FL

Thanks Jory Cross for helping me navigate thru a very difficult process!!!!!!
Anonymous, Street, MD

Representative was very knowledgeable and friendly. I actually enjoyed talking about insurance !
Anonymous, Panama City, FL

Jory Cross's service to me was excellent!
Anonymous, North Port, FL

Anonymous, Charlotte, NC

Jory was extremely pleasant and helpful. Very patient and knowledgeable. I will call him shortly for health coverage for my husband.
Anonymous, Avon Park, FL

He was very professional and a great person to speak to.. Very caring.
Anonymous, Tinley Park, IL

Confusing period in my life and everyone I spoke to had different opinions or didn't know so I needed help. Jory was able and patient
Anonymous, Hoffman Estates, IL

Very helpful in finding me the right plan, also emailed me the different plans. No other companies representatives that I called suggested email, they are mailing me the information. Very knowledgeable!!
Anonymous, Wyoming, MI

When I spoke with Jory I knew nothing about what coverage was available or what I might need. He was very patient and answered my every question no mater how stupid they probably were. When I am ready to sign up I will certainly call him.
Anonymous, Cos Cob, CT

Very helpful
Anonymous, Vass, NC

Jory Cross was quite professional in the handling of my questions and application. I was very impressed with his handling of my questions and application process.
Anonymous, Milwaukee, WI

he was wonderfull
Anonymous, Howard City, MI

He was very very helpful, and answered all my questions!!!
Anonymous, Fort Pierce, FL

He was very helpful and understanding. He's the "BEST"!!!!!
Anonymous, Eagle Creek, OR

Agent was very patient and took time to answer all my question.
Anonymous, Midland, NC

Jory was extremely knowledgable and helpful. I will be contacting him to enroll after I decide which plan is best for me.
Anonymous, San Ysidro, CA

Jory was very professional and helpful
Anonymous, Stockbridge, GA

Jory was very pleasant and very helpful!
Anonymous, Eagle Creek, OR

put me at ease
Anonymous, Indianapolis, IN

He also referred me to the appropriate section to continue my wife's health coverage after we no longer have my employer provided healthcare plan.
Anonymous, Yelm, WA

I felt I could trust him
Anonymous, Clarkston, MI

Jory Cross was very informed and was able to relay the information regarding the different plans succinctly and accurately. He returned calls promptly and was very courteous and helpful at all times.
Anonymous, Miami Beach, FL

excellent service!
Anonymous, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

All positive so far!
Anonymous, Glendale, AZ

I would always ask to speak to him
Anonymous, Shelton, WA

Jory C. was a most helpful representative. He provided unbiased resource information related to available programs and helped to meet my needs. He inspired confidence in helping make choices which, at the end of the process, left me with a feeling of satisfaction and trust that my choices were good ones. Great job!
Anonymous, Charleston, WV

jory c was probably the most helpful person that I have spoken with in regards to helping me find the right choice for my mother in law. he was totally knowledgeable and took the time to explain everything in great detail. I hung up actually surprised and very happy with my experience.
Anonymous, Harwinton, CT

I was just starting the process and Jory was very helpful. He did not push any provider or pressure me in any way I was very appreciative that I had a much clearer understanding in this journey.
Anonymous, Swampscott, MA

I have problems enrolling as I was getting out of Advantage Plan and back to basic supplement and Rx. They keep telling me I could not do it. Finally per your wonderful rep. I called Medicare and hopefully he took care of it I will call them later in the month to make sure it all went thru. Thanks Jorey.
Anonymous, Crete, IL

I will swich insurance after I confirm conversation with written details.
Anonymous, Lexington, KY

Jory seemed to know what he was talking about and was making sure I understood what the plan was about. Very informative
Anonymous, Liberal, MO

Anonymous, Lakewood, CO

Your rep. was wonderful and took care of my need for a rx plan
Anonymous, Crete, IL

Will keep in touch with Jory after my husband can review this plan with me. He was excellent
Anonymous, Southbridge, MA

Jory explained everything very clearly to me. I get very confused with insurance
Anonymous, Porter, TX

Mr.Cross gave me all information I need Except I for got to ask about the premium for Medicare Advantag plan.,?
Anonymous, Clearwater, FL

Great experience. Jory was really helpful.
Anonymous, Carmel, NY

Everything went very well.
Anonymous, Phoenix, AZ

Very nice rep. He spoke in a language I understood. Thanks....
Anonymous, West Memphis, AR

Very professional and patient
Anonymous, Frankfort, IL

The representative had very clear explanations as you what I was looking for and I will call him back when I am ready to enroll.
Anonymous, Huntsville, AL

I was very pleased and relieved with service received after 2 previous phone calls to mutual/ omaha by mistake where I received a high pressure sales attempt on 1st one and hang up on 2nd 1 when I told her I didn't want M/O! Many people would be misled when railroaded into purchasing without being given all choices available to them. Gory made a big difference and was very informative!
Anonymous, Jacksonville, FL

Very helpful & courtious
Anonymous, Placerville, CA

Not pushy at all..just laid the facts and cost out there and let me decide.
Anonymous, Sugar Land, TX

They never called back
Anonymous, East Canton, OH

Jory gave probably the best customer service I have ever received over the phone. I am 100% satisfied with the experience.
Anonymous, Huntington Beach, CA

Jory was amazing .. courteous, friendly, very, very knowledgeable about all the supplemental and drug insurance companies. Made my decision much easier.
Anonymous, Gainesville, TX

He was very courteous and knowledgeable.
Anonymous, Allons, TN

Very pleasant and patient in answering our questions or repeating what we didn't understand.
Anonymous, Indianapolis, IN

Anonymous, Oxly, MO

Jory was very knowledgable and pleasant. I probably will get my Medicare plan d with him?.
Anonymous, Port Saint Lucie, FL

He could not have been any more professional. He explained everything very thoroughly.
Anonymous, Erlanger, KY

Jory was very knowledgeable about all the confusion in trying to pick out a supplement health plan. He put me at ease making my choice for healthcare much easier. He wasn't pushing me to 'buy today' sales pitch. Thank you Jory!
Anonymous, Mound, MN

He was wonderful, will be contacting him again should any questions arise involving Medicare!
Anonymous, Yucca Valley, CA

Jory was patient with my questions and explained things in a way that put me at ease.
Anonymous, Cherry Hill, NJ

Mr Cross answered all my questions very informative, great customer service.
Anonymous, San Antonio, TX

He listened to my questions and explained what I didn't understand. Very polite.
Anonymous, California, MD

Jory Cross was helpful and patient. He was able to help me alleviate all the stress I had been feeling about enrolling.
Anonymous, Chicago, IL

Excellent service
Anonymous, Raleigh, NC

Jory C. was very helpful. I was calling on my mother's behalf and I don't know much about Medicare insurance. He was very patient and explained things thoroughly when I had questions.
Anonymous, Aldie, VA

Excellent service
Anonymous, Victorville, CA

When I first talked to the representative I asked for a day to talk o my daughter he said fine and gave me his number and extention to call back. when I called back today he remembered who I was and the plan we discused imediately, I was very impressed with this young man .
Anonymous, Starke, FL

got thru on first try, over all good experience
Anonymous, Athens, TN

Anonymous, Lake Butler, FL

I had a very pleasant experience with Jory,he is definitely an asset to your company.
Anonymous, Cairo, GA

unlike several other companies he was the best very curteous
Anonymous, Middletown, NY

Mr. Cross was very helpful with my questions and I was pleased with our conversation.
Anonymous, Spring Hill, TN

He made some comment when he was getting off the phone like oh boy made been talking to someone else or about something else
Anonymous, Torrington, CT

My contact with ehealth was very helpful and satisfying. Jory answered all my questions without making me feel rushed or pressured.
Anonymous, Jacksonville, FL

Jory Cross could be the sharpest tool in the shed.
Anonymous, Kingsland, GA

Jory was very helpful and courteous.Answered all of my questions.
Anonymous, Las Cruces, NM

I am thoroughly confused about this whole experience. Jory has been wonderful in helping me with my situation and I am so thankful that he is helping me.
Anonymous, New Paltz, NY

Still have additional questions
Anonymous, Farmington, MO

it was great working with jory. i felt he was looking after my best interests and was able to narrow down the selections that were best for me. i like very much his knowledge on the different programs.
Anonymous, Eastvale, CA

Anonymous, Hollywood, FL

I plan to buy
Anonymous, Green Bay, WI

Excellent service!!
Anonymous, Kansas City, MO

I was comletely satisfied
Anonymous, Richmond, CA

Gory was very patient, explaining very thoroughly and didn't mind repeating material.
Anonymous, Austin, TX

very satisfied with e health--thank you
Anonymous, Bryan, TX

The Representative was extremely helpful and concise providing information I needed.
Anonymous, Santa Barbara, CA

Jory Cross

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