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55 customer reviews for Steven

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Provided helpful information
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Clear and concise answers
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Courteous and respectful

Steve could not have been more courteous, friendly and most helpful. I did not feel rushed and he answered all my questions and provided information I did not know--that did not know to ask. I will definitely contact him again if or when I have further questions or need to re-enroll in the fall. Anonymous, Atlanta, GA Read more customer reviews Read more reviews

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I will provide integrity in all that I do. If it is not right for someone, I’ll tell that person not to do it.

Three words that describe me:

Integrity, loyalty, and patriotic.

Favorite thing to do when not at work:

Play with my kids.

Favorite place to visit and why:

My favorite place to visit that I have been to in my life was the Amazon jungle in Peru. The beauty of the Amazon jungle and the rain that came each day was amazing.

What I like most about helping people find the right Medicare plan options:

The thing I like most about helping people find a Medicare plan that would fit their needs is that I can help people save money and can do what is right for the customer.

Other Favorites:

Sports Team: Arizona Wildcats.

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Customer reviews of Steven

Wide comprehension of all medical insurance issues and grasp of my personal needs. Thank you, Steve
Anonymous, Allegan, MI

It was a pleasant telephone experience I had with Steven., He answered all my questions in a friendly professional manner.He answered all the answers to many questions.
Anonymous, Saint Augustine, FL

Steven was very polite and helpful even when I interrupted him various times to ask questions. He took the time to answer and was never rude or frustrated with me.
Anonymous, Moundsville, WV

Very helpful
Inniss G, Margape, FL

I had spoken with other companies' representatives who did not take the time to explain the different plans as Stephen did to me. He explained a selection of plans and let me select what plan I thought was best for me. He made me feel comfortable asking questions and explained things so I could understand them.
Anne B, Cordova, TN

Steve Mott was excellent
Lennox S, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Mr. Stephen was wonderful. He was patient and understanding.
Mary S, Baltimore, MD

Mildred S, Long Beach, CA

Very helpful and knowledgable
Male, 71, Lakeland, FL

Very helpful and great helping me with plans.
Female, 62, Barnard, MO

took 3 days of web site and phone calls but Steven was very helpful at a time when I was very frustrated with the whole method. Feel it should be made easier
Female, 85, Vinalhaven, ME

I have used eHealth Medicare for 2-3 years and have found them to be most helpful.
Male, 70, Collierville, TN

Asking for and getting a tetephone # does not give me enough experience to answer the questions asked.
Mary R, Fallon, NV

Have worked with Stephen for the last two years and he is very knowledgeable and very polite, would call him again if I any questions.
Anonymous, East Haven, CT

Mr.Mott was very helpful and looked for ways I could save money,when your on a fixed income that is very thoughtful.
Caroline F, Smyrna, TN

Steven was well informed and willing to take the time which was necessary for this involved case..
Anonymous, Chestnut Hill, MA

Talked to fast, more like a sales pitch, than important information I strongly needed. I wish he was as concerned about this as those who truly need it.
Anonymous, Danville, WV

He is a nice guy but spoke way too fast and continued to do so even when I asked him not to. Very frustrating and confusing to me. I had to ask him to stop it several times. I know he must repeat himself 100 times a day, but he needs to treat each phone call as if it is the first and only person he will talk to that day.
Anonymous, Tempe, AZ

Steven made me feel more secure and gave me several options and I chose the one that best suited my needs. I was putting this off due to having no knowledge as to the first step needed. Now I feel much better about being insured after leaving my place of employment.
Juanita M, Mckinney, TX

I liked him very willing to help
Rosa S, Lake Elsinore, CA

have sent many to your plan
Anonymous, Goodyear, AZ

Very nice young man who answered my many questions!
Anonymous, Armour, SD

Steven was very helpful, and he said last year he would call my around my birthday, to see if I might be interested in changing my medicare supplement insurance, and he did call and with a better plan rate, he is saving me money.
Anonymous, Tracy, CA

Very personable,efficient,and patient representative Steve.
Anonymous, New Port Richey, FL

very professinsl
Anonymous, Fairview Heights, IL

Very professional representative, and knowledgeable
Anonymous, Winter Springs, FL

He was very helpful and knowledgeable about the drug plans and explained all the details.
Anonymous, Cloudcroft, NM

Explained question when asked. This is the kind of serviice need to help people to who doesn't know about a great deal about medicare.
Anonymous, Peoria, IL

Was very concerned about my needs and gave me many options
Anonymous, Syracuse, IN

Don't understand why the company is called what it is. Sounds like to makes money rather than being an arm of the government. that worries me.
Anonymous, Saint Paul, MN

Excellent Service
Anonymous, Tampa, FL

There was 2 plans and Steven Mot heiped me pick the best one for myself. Thats was a very big help. Thank you Mr. Mot
Anonymous, Marysville, WA

Steven was very helpful and informative. Sometimes he talked too fast but when questioned he gladly repeated information.
Anonymous, Eagle, ID

very helpful carefully explained all my options
Anonymous, Denver, CO

Easily understood Steven and was considerate of the amount of time the call took
Anonymous, Alpharetta, GA

Steven Mott called me right back when I had questions about different plans and coverage! He by far is a credit to your organization ! Thank you to Steven Mott !!!
Anonymous, Levittown, PA

Steven is going to save me over $1,000.00. He is going to call me back in two weeks if I haven't called, him first to make sure I went to the doctor and now know all the prescriptions I will need. I can sleep tonight knowing that I have time to do what I should have done in September and have a GREAT insurance representative who got me out of a medigap policy that was going to cost me $225.00 a month because I assumed that the state I taught in for 34 years would have my best interest at heart. Thanks Steve!!
Anonymous, Lake City, SC

Very helpful
Anonymous, Los Angeles, CA

VERY knowledgable
Anonymous, Syracuse, IN

Will be talking to your rep again when the new coverage for 2015 is available.
Anonymous, Punta Gorda, FL

It took to long,
Anonymous, Vian, OK

I made plans to contact my representative at the end of this month to get more information and prepare to enroll by July 2014.
Anonymous, Cape Coral, FL

I am very pleased to be with this insurance company. I feel confident and secure. Thank you, Steven Mott
Anonymous, Sparks, NV

Steven was very knowledgeable and I was very pleased with his assistance and information helping me get the best plan for my money. Thank you Steven.
Anonymous, Kerrville, TX

Very helpful and knowledgeable.
Anonymous, Dallas, TX

My only suggestion is that a representative could try to speak slowly for someone such as me, who is old and has trouble processing information quickly.
Anonymous, Kirkwood, CA

Steven Mott spoke so quickly, running and slurring all information, so that we needed to stop him, constantly, to ask for specific answers. He said he would "be getting to that" but we couldn't have understood the answers as he raced through everything. The only reason we continued to enroll was because I had done all the research on the plans we discussed in our original phone call of a few days earlier. He spoke so quickly on that call that we refused to go ahead and sign up at that time. Rather than wait for another agent, we called him back after my few days of research online and knew what to sign up for. He didn't even suggest generic alternatives when quoting one policy over another that would have cost us much more. We had to tell him that there is a generic and we had to give him the specific name of the generic so we could get back to the Part D policy that we actually wanted. He was not rude; neither was he polite nor easy to work with. We would never recommend him to anyone. If not for our independent research, we would not have signed up for our two plans with him or through that number. All of this is easily verifiable on the recording of both our calls.
Anonymous, Camas, WA

Anonymous, Cockeysville, MD

I had noted in previous that I was disappointed in the delay in agent following up on an application problem. I found that the delay was due to the carrier, not the agents of EHealth who were responsible. Problem has been satisfactorily resolved by my agent.
Anonymous, Odessa, TX

Steve was very impressive. He was very helpful and it was evident that he knew what he was talking about. He will be calling meback in November for my decision.
Anonymous, Palatine, IL

Stephen was very helpful and provided great advice
Anonymous, Chestertown, MD

Steve M. was very patient and understanding. However, your computer system and support was very disappointing and leaves much to be desired. If it was not for Steve's patients, I would have aborted the project.
Anonymous, Arroyo Grande, CA

Representative has not followed through on the issuing of the plans. Slow in returning phone calls.
Anonymous, Las Cruces, NM

The process a representative is required to take one through is I'm sure for him and the consumer tiring but know is necessary....after speaking with Steven on my first call... subsequent calls when given other representatives was not acceptable till I was able to get back with him. He is excellent and I felt respected even though I'm sure I was slow about catching some of the things.. Truthfully....don't tell him I really didn't understand everything he said...his mannerism just made me feel he could be trusted. Don't tell me if he turns out to be a scoundrel... I won't believe you.... lol Kidding aside...I wasn't all that uninformed... I caught enough of what he was saying to realize was what I had already read about... I think : /
Anonymous, Hickory, NC

Steven Mott

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