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Caregiving Issues for a Multi-Generational Family

Almost 49 million Americans care for adults; about two-thirds of these caregivers are women. Over a third of caregivers are caring for parents; most (86%) are caring for relatives (including parents). Almost 13 million Americans are caring for both children... Read more

Changes in Medicare When Moving to Another State

Are you moving to another state, or did you move recently? It's probably a busy time for you, but you may need to complete a few tasks to make sure your Medicare and Social Security benefits continue smoothly. This article shows you how to proceed when you... Read more

What You Should Know about Hiring a Caregiver for the Elderly

If your aging loved one is coping with Alzheimer’s and dementia, cancer, stroke, or another disabling condition, you may find that she can no longer live safely or easily on her own. She may need help with the most basic tasks of life, from going to the... Read more

5 Ways to Feel Beautiful While Fighting Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in American women after skin cancer, according to About 1 in 8 American women will develop invasive breast cancer in her lifetime. Breast cancer treatment can affect your appearance. How will breast... Read more

Kidney Stones: Symptoms and Causes

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), about 11% of men and 6% of women in the United States will get kidney stones during their lifetimes. The pain or bleeding associated with this fairly common condition sends many people to emergency rooms... Read more

Does Medicare Cover Hyperglycemia?

If you're one of many Americans with diabetes, you may be familiar with hyperglycemia and its health dangers. Learn more about hyperglycemia, including diabetes management tips and how Medicare covers hyperglycemia and other complications from diabetes. What... Read more

I’m almost 65: How do I change from health insurance marketplace to Medicare?

As you approach your 65th birthday, you have decisions to make about your health care and health insurance coverage. If you currently have coverage through the health insurance marketplace and want to enroll in Medicare, here's what you need to know about... Read more

Persistent Cough: Causes and Treatment

According to the Cleveland Clinic, a persistent cough is one of the most common causes for a doctor visit. A persistent cough is defined as one that lasts for eight weeks or longer in adults. According to the Mayo Clinic, an occasional cough is normal and can... Read more

Caregiver Tips for Traveling

As a caregiver, traveling with your loved one can present a challenge – for example, if he or she has Alzheimer's disease. In addition to all the detailed planning for medications, therapies, and any other special care your loved one needs once you arrive... Read more

Five Tips on how to Stay Healthy While Traveling

For many people, one of the genuine pleasures of retirement is the opportunity to travel. If you have the wanderlust, you’ll want to take note of some tips on how to stay healthy while traveling. 1) Stay healthy by researching your destination If you're... Read more

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