Does Medicare Cover Shower Chairs?

Last Updated : 09/10/20182 min read

Original Medicare, Part A and Part B, generally doesn’t consider a shower chair to be durable medical equipment. So even if you qualify for Medicare by age or disability, a shower chair doesn’t qualify and would not usually be covered under Original Medicare.

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Do shower chairs count as durable medical equipment?

Medicare Part B may cover certain items you may need, such as wheelchairs, if your Medicare-assigned doctor prescribes them for you, under the program’s coverage of durable medical equipment. You may be hoping that shower chairs for the elderly or handicapped fit into this category.

According to Medicare, if an item isn’t used primarily for a medical reason, it might not fit into Medicare’s definition of medically necessary equipment. Medicare doesn’t typically cover shower chairs.

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Find Medicare plans in your area

Is there anything I can do to get Medicare to cover a shower chair?

If you and/or your doctor believe Medicare should cover a shower chair when you’re an elderly or disabled Medicare beneficiary, you can file for an appeal.

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