Does Medicare Cover Wigs for Cancer Patients?

Last Updated : 09/12/20183 min read

If you’re diagnosed with cancer, part of your treatment may involve chemotherapy, or prescription drugs designed to kill cancer cells. According to the Mayo Clinic, chemotherapy drugs attack rapidly growing cells in the body, including both cancer cells and cells in the roots of hair.

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As a result, chemotherapy may cause hair loss all over the body. Your hair could thin or you could become completely bald depending on your treatment. Learn more about how to pay for wigs for cancer patients with Medicare.

Does Original Medicare cover wigs for cancer patients?

If you have lost all your hair due to chemotherapy, you could wear a hat or scarf to cover your head, but some people may prefer a wig of natural-looking hair. Wig prices vary based on how long the wig is and whether the wig is made of synthetic materials or human hair. Wigs for cancer patients could cost hundreds of dollars and up to thousands of dollars. Unfortunately Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) does not typically cover wigs for cancer patients who are undergoing cancer treatment.

Does Medicare Advantage cover wigs for cancer patients?

A Medicare Advantage plan offered by a private insurance company is another way to get your Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) benefits. Medicare Advantage must cover everything Original Medicare covers with the exception of hospice care, which is still covered by Medicare Part A. Most Medicare Advantage plans offer additional benefit that Original Medicare doesn’t cover, such as prescription drug benefits. Medicare Advantage may also cover wigs for cancer patients for hair loss that is a result of chemotherapy.

Find affordable Medicare plans in your area

Find Medicare plans in your area

Are there other ways to get wigs for cancer patients?

Some non-profits may help with wigs for cancer patients. Friends Are by Your Side works with local salons to schedule wig consultations. You may have to provide documentation of your hair loss as a side-effect of chemotherapy and inability to independently afford a wig for organizations such as Lolly’s Locks. The American Cancer Society may also accept and distribute new wigs for cancer patients at no cost through its local chapters.

Do you have more questions about Medicare coverage of wigs for cancer patients?

If you’re interested in a Medicare Advantage plan that may help pay for wigs for cancer patients, I am happy to help you find the right plan for you. Use the links below, which let you schedule a phone appointment or have me email you information. To take a look at the plans available for your circumstances, click now on the Compare Plans buttons on this page.

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