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This article was updated on: 10/12/2018

A Medicare Supplement plan in Hawaii may be an attractive option if you have Medicare Part A and Part B and live in Hawaii—especially if you travel to the mainland with some regularity, or if you have health problems.

Medicare Supplement plans in Hawaii (and nationwide) aren’t part of the federal Medicare program. They’re designed to work with Medicare Part A and Part B to help pay some of the out-of-pocket costs Medicare doesn’t pay. Examples of these out-of-pockets costs are deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance. Not all Medicare Supplement plans in Hawaii cover deductibles.

Why might I want to buy a Medicare Supplement plan in Hawaii?

Do you visit relatives on the mainland? If you see a doctor or need medical services, in most cases you don’t need to worry that the doctor isn’t in a specific plan network. Medicare Supplement plans in Hawaii (and in all states) typically let you see any doctor who accepts Medicare assignment – anywhere in the country. (One type of Medicare Supplement plan, called Medicare SELECT, may require you to use doctors in the plan network.)

Do you have some health issues? You may want to consider a Medicare Supplement plan in Hawaii. That’s because if you tend to go to doctors or hospitals frequently, then your medical bills may be high. But Medicare Supplement plans may help cover your Medicare out-of-pocket costs and save you money.

You also have the freedom to choose from as many as 10 standardized benefit packages offered as Medicare Supplement plans in Hawaii. These plans are labeled A through N to distinguish the basic benefits each provides. Each plan, such as Medicare Supplement Plan A, has the same basic benefits regardless of the insurance company that offers it or the state where it is purchased. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that the cost can vary remarkably among insurers selling the same plans.

How do I compare Medicare Supplement plans in Hawaii?

You may want to consider two factors when comparing Medicare Supplement plans in Hawaii.

  • Coverage. You can review this Medicare Supplement plans comparison chart to identify the Medicare Supplement plans in Hawaii that best meet your health coverage and lifestyle needs. For example, you will note that some plans may cover a portion of emergency medical care you receive while traveling abroad, which could be an attractive benefit if you enjoy foreign travel.
  • Cost. You’ll pay a separate premium to the insurer if you buy a Medicare Supplement Insurance plan in Hawaii. This is in addition to the Part B premium you pay Medicare. As mentioned earlier, insurers establish their own premiums. You can instantly compare premiums among Medicare Supplement plans in your area of Hawaii by typing your zip code into the field on this page and clicking Find Plans.

When can I purchase Medicare Supplement plans in Hawaii?

For many people the best time to buy a Medicare Supplement plan in Hawaii is during the Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment Period (OEP). It starts the first month that you’re age 65 or older and enrolled in Medicare Part B, and goes for six months.

During your OEP, you have certain guarantees. An insurance company selling Medicare Supplement plans cannot turn down your application or charge you a higher premium if you have a health condition. As long as you continue to pay your Medicare Supplement plan premium and you were honest on your application, typically the insurer cannot cancel your coverage. Your Medicare Supplement plan is guaranteed renewable, even if you develop health problems.

Generally, if you apply for a Medicare Supplement plan in Hawaii (as elsewhere) outside the OEP, the insurer can require you to respond to a health questionnaire. The insurance company may deny your application, charge you a higher premium, or assign a wait period before providing benefits related to a pre-existing condition.

What else should I know about Medicare Supplement plans in Hawaii?

As in other states, Medicare Supplement plans in Hawaii may have some limitations and requirements.

  • Medicare Supplement plans sold after January 2006 don’t include prescription drug benefits. If you want prescription drug benefits, you can enroll in a stand-alone Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan.
  • The insurance company generally can’t change the benefits covered by the Medicare Supplement plan or cancel the plan as long as you continue to pay your premium and were honest on your application. However, it can increase the premium you pay.
  • All 10 lettered plans might not be available everywhere in Hawaii.

If you still have questions about Medicare Supplement plans in Hawaii, I am happy to answer your questions. You can reach out to me by clicking on the buttons below.

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