Medicare Supplement Plans in South Dakota

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What is Medicare Supplement in South Dakota?

A Medicare Supplement plan (also known as Medigap) in South Dakota is insurance sold through a private insurance company licensed in South Dakota to help fill the gaps in Medicare Part A and Part B coverage. These “gaps” or out-of-pocket expenses include Medicare deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments.

If you can buy a Medicare Supplement plan in South Dakota if you have Medicare Part A (hospital insurance), and are enrolled in Medicare Part B (medical insurance). Similar to Medicare coverage, a Medicare Supplement plan in South Dakota (as elsewhere in the United States) will cover only one person. So if you and your spouse decide both of you should have Medicare Supplement insurance, you will need to purchase two separate Medicare Supplement plans in South Dakota.

Although Medicare Supplement plans are sold by private insurance companies, they are regulated by federal and state governments to help protect Medicare beneficiaries. One of these protections involves the standardization of Medicare Supplement benefits. Under federal requirements, Medicare Supplement plans sold in South Dakota and most other states must conform to one of 10 standardized sets of benefits, labeled Plan A through Plan N. Each label represents a different set of standardized benefits.

Standardized Medicare Supplement plans mean that if you have Medicare in South Dakota, certain basic benefits are always included in your Medicare Supplement plans.

To illustrate this point, Medicare Supplement Plan A offers the most basic coverage. In contrast, Plan F provides very comprehensive Medicare Supplement coverage. To get the full picture of the 10 standardized Medicare Supplement plan in South Dakota that may be available, refer to the Medicare Supplement Insurance benefit plans chart.

Regardless of the Medicare Supplement plan you might choose, all 10 plans provide basic benefits, which includes coverage for the following services not paid by Medicare.

  • At least a portion, if not all, of the coinsurance (usually 20%) for medical services covered by Medicare Part B
  • The coinsurance on hospital expenses, up to an additional 365 days after your Medicare Part A hospital benefits have run out
  • At least a portion of the coinsurance or copayment you would owe for Medicare Part A hospice care
  • The first three pints of blood you receive in the hospital, which is not covered by Medicare Part A.

How do I compare Medicare Supplement plans in South Dakota?

Understanding the standardized benefits is a good starting point for comparing Medicare Supplement plans in South Dakota. Choose the Medicare Supplement plan type that provides the coverage you believe will best meet your health care cost concerns and lifestyle. Next, learn about the specific Medicare Supplement plans in South Dakota that offer the coverage you want. To perform this search, you can

  1. Type in your zip code in the form feed on this page and click the Find Plan button,
  2. Contact the South Dakota State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP), or
  3. Visit Medicare’s website at

More than one insurance company may offer your pick of Medicare Supplement plans in South Dakota. Be sure to compare premiums and select the insurance company that provides you the best value for your coverage.

When can I purchase Medicare Supplement plans in South Dakota?

To buy a Medicare Supplement plan in South Dakota, you must have Medicare Part A and Part B. Usually you must be age 65 or older. However, South Dakota state insurance regulation allows some individuals younger than age 65 to purchase a Medicare Supplement plan if they have Medicare because of a disability.

If you buy a Medicare Supplement plan within six months of enrolling in Medicare Part B, you get certain protections under federal law if you are 65 or older. This time is called the Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment period. Importantly, a Medicare Supplement insurer generally cannot turn you down or charge you a higher premium because of health problems (pre-existing conditions). In addition, the Medicare Supplement plan you buy in South Dakota is renewable each year, as long as you continue to pay your Medicare Supplement plan premium.

You can apply for a Medicare Supplement plan at another time, as long as you have Medicare Part A and Part B. At these other times, insurers usually apply underwriting guidelines and you are not guaranteed coverage. Insurers may use your health history, age, gender, and place of residence to decide if they will accept or reject your application. Even if the insurer accepts your application, the company may impose wait periods before providing coverage for certain medical care. If you have a health condition, the insurer may also charge you a higher premium than it charges healthy people who apply at the same time.

What else should I know about Medicare Supplement plans in South Dakota?

A few other important points you should keep in mind if you are considering buying a Medicare Supplement plan in South Dakota include:

  • Medicare Supplement plans generally don’t cover long-term care, vision or dental care, hearing aids, eyeglasses, or private-duty nursing.
  • Medicare Supplement plans sold after January 1, 2006, aren’t allowed to include prescription drug coverage. If you want prescription drug coverage, you may enroll in a Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan.

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