What are SocialSecurity.gov and ssa.gov?

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Ssa.gov is the Social Security Administration’s official website. You can also type SocialSecurity.gov into your browser and it goes to the same site.

What is the Social Security Administration?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) is a government agency that provides financial protection for certain groups, such as children, seniors, veterans, disabled people, widows, and widowers.

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When you apply for Medicare, the Social Security Administration is usually where you go for an application.

The Social Security Administration reports that around 61 million people receive Social Security benefits, and around 171 million people pay Social Security taxes while working.

How can you use ssa.gov?

SocialSecurity.gov (or ssa.gov) is a source of many different kinds of information and tools. For example, you can:

  • Apply for Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) benefits.
  • Request “Extra Help” for paying for your medications under Medicare Part D. Read about qualifying for the Part D Extra Help
  • Apply for a Social Security card.
  • Change the name on your Social Security card (for example, when you get married).
  • Get an estimate of your future SSA benefits.
  • Find forms related to benefits.
  • Learn how to apply for survivor’s benefits when a spouse dies.

Using ssa.gov’s mySocialSecurity to manage your benefits

ssa.gov lets you manage benefits from the convenience of your home or cell phone with its mySocialSecurity feature. Your online information is safe and secure, according to the Social Security Administration. mySocialSecurity lets you do things like:

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Find Medicare plans in your area

  • View your earnings history
  • Get an estimate of your future Social Security Administration benefits
  • View your benefit statements

Go to ssa.gov to sign up for mySocialSecurity if you’d like to manage your benefits online. ssa.gov’s home page links to mySocialSecurity, where you can set up your account.

Social Security is where you can sign up for Original Medicare – and eHealth can help you find Medicare plan options once you’re signed up. Explore plans in your area using the Find Plans button on this page. To reach me, follow the links below.

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