Do WellCare Medicare Plans Cover Routine Dental Services?

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If you’re like many people, you may have concerns about managing your dental care costs, and perhaps your search for dental coverage through a Medicare health plan brought you here. If you’re enrolled in a WellCare Medicare Advantage plan, or you’re looking at Medicare plan options that might include routine dental coverage, here’s what you may want to know.

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What Medicare dental coverage is available under Original Medicare?

Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) offers no coverage for routine dental care services. Under Original Medicare, your Medicare dental coverage is limited to certain medically necessary dental services and treatment for serious injuries, diseases, and conditions that affect the teeth, jaw, and gums. For example, if you fall and break your jaw, Original Medicare may cover necessary medical care (subject to copayments, coinsurance, and applicable deductibles).

But you might have an alternative. The Medicare Part C program (Medicare Advantage) gives you another way to get your Medicare Part A and Part B coverage. Medicare Advantage plans include the same benefits as Original Medicare (besides hospice care, which Part A continues to cover), and often include additional benefits – such as routine dental services and prescription drug coverage.

Do WellCare Medicare Advantage plans offer Medicare dental coverage?

Depending on where you live and the plan you select, you may be eligible for Medicare health plans that cover routine and preventive dental care. Some WellCare Medicare Advantage plans may offer the following dental benefits:

  • Preventive services such as annual exams, routine cleaning and polishing, and x-rays, at no cost to you if you get them from providers in the WellCare Medicareprovider network.
  • Under some WellCare Medicare plans, covered services you get from dentists in the WellCare Medicareprovider network may be available with no deductible and no copayment (subject to your plan’s annual maximum benefit limit).
  • Minimal paperwork to complete when you use network providers.

What else do I need to know about WellCare Medicare Advantage plans with Medicare dental coverage?

  • Not all WellCare MedicareAdvantage plans are available in all areas, and additional benefit options, such as routine dental care, may not be available with every WellCare health plan.
  • You must continue to pay your Part B premium if you enroll in a WellCare MedicareAdvantage plan, and you may also pay an additional monthly premium to WellCare for your Wellcare Medicare Advantage plan. Plan premiums may vary depending on the specific plan and where you live.
  • Depending on the plan you choose, you may have copayments, coinsurance amounts, and/or deductibles, and you may need to get care from WellCare Medicarenetwork providers in order for your benefits to apply, or to keep your out-of-pocket costs lower. Some plans have annual limits on routine dental care services. You may be required to pay the full cost of your dental care for non-covered services or for services provided by out-of-network providers.

Be sure to read your plan documents carefully before you enroll to make sure you understand your coverage and are choosing the dental coverage benefits that are important to you.

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Find Medicare plans in your area

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